In the past week, we, as good Individuals, families and small businesses were decimated, displaced, and disrupted acutely to the brink of losing everything that we virtually have no control over. Accounting Hero's are here to help restore hope to all by providing much needed guidance on what we desperately need such as  information, knowledge and relief to Individuals, businesses and Communities that may see no hope in moving forward. 100% of the contributions will go to offset software costs, payroll and operating costs to businesses that cannot afford to pay for the services needed to stay in business. Would you be so kind to help today?  Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and contribution.

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Covid-19 Wartime Response

We are OPEN

We can and will add VALUE to you

We are fully operational REMOTELY

We are working online with the best internet available

We are here for you

We will help you to the best of our ability

We are blessed to be in the USA

We are praying for the warriors who are on the front lines

We will cross over the bridge TOGETHER!

Thank you for allowing us to help you.

-James N Filicetti, CPA

Watch for live webinars to be scheduled. Get educated on how we can help get across the bridge together- WE CAN!



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KJ Tax & Accounting is a well seasoned CPA firm, offering clients exceptional business value with online Intuit solutions! We are dedicated to providing our clients with superior professional, personalized services in the wide range of tax, accounting, financial, and business worlds. Tax and accounting done with the utmost knowledge, integrity, trust, passion, and security - that's what we are all about. Our website includes our full list of services with tools such as tax publications, financial calculators, news, and links to our proud partner sites. Whether you are an individual or business, KJ Tax & Accounting, LLC has over 90 combined years of extensive knowledge and experience assisting people with their ever changing needs in a complex dynamic economy.

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